Family Art Nights

Family Art Night

Hardy Elementary's Family Art Nights are a wonderful opportunity for our school community to come together and explore their creative side. On these special evenings, families are invited to join us at the school for an exciting guided art project led by our talented art teacher, Ms. Behnke.

These events are more than just an art class; they are a chance for parents, guardians, and students to bond and create beautiful artwork together. It's a time to nurture creativity, share ideas, and learn new artistic techniques. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a first-time painter, Family Art Nights provide a welcoming space for everyone to express themselves through art.

Ms. Behnke's expertise and guidance make the creative process enjoyable and accessible for all. As you and your family members engage in the guided project, you'll not only create art but also lasting memories. These evenings promote the importance of family, community, and self-expression, and they're a great way to strengthen the bonds within our school community. Join us for a Family Art Night at Hardy Elementary and experience the joy of art in the company of loved ones.

Please note that space is limited, RSVP early. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

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